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2000 years of history


The history of the evolution of mankind has always been connected to the exploitation of particular properties of rocks and minerals present on earth. Our sharpening stone production is taking advantage of the experience of generations, that have known, worked and experimented for centuries the art of producing natural stones for professional sharpening of blades.

For the first historical evidence of the sharpening stone production (coti stones), in which appears the name of our ancestor, we have to go back to notarial deeds of the XV century. Our sharpening stone production has grown out of this great patrimony of culture, traditions and quality, which is unique in the world. The long experience allows us to give advises and to resolve every problem concerning the manual sharpening of every tool or blade.

Our production is oriented in five great application fields:
For each field we have developed a series of products that gives everyone, from the hobbyist to the professional, the opportunity to find the best solution for their own requirements.

Our company is at your disposal
for personalized solutions and technical advises.

knives agriculture hobbies sport dental technique

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